MAY 2015


(Posted Thu. May 7th, 2015)

The National Corn Growers Association and ethanol allies today struck back hard against efforts by Big Oil to weaken the Renewable Fuel Standard as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency develops future volume obligations for the biofuels law.


“The RFS program was designed to force the oil industry to change the status quo—not to perpetuate it,” a letter sent to the EPA today states. “The entire purpose of this program would be subverted if the oil industry is rewarded for its failure to take the steps necessary to ensure that it is capable of distributing, blending, and dispensing the renewable fuel volumes required under the statute.”


Click here for the whole letter.


Corn growers and the ethanol industry have done their parts – producing more than enough corn for all needs and efficiently and sustainably producing ethanol for markets here and abroad. As EPA continues to develop its Renewable Volume Obligations for 2014 through 2017, NCGA will continue to work with the EPA to ensure the numbers are consistent with the statute passed by Congress and put the RFS back on track.


When the EPA announced its lower volume for 2014, NCGA activated its grassroots membership in a number of ways, and saw the largest response ever seen for a call to action. When the time came for our growers to speak up, they did so – loudly and forcefully. NCGA’s growers and allies sent the EPA a clear signal when this proposal was first issued, with nearly 200,000 people responding to the public comment opportunity in opposition to the reduction. Nearly 10,000 farmers called the White House directly.


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