JULY 2015


(Posted Thu. Jul 9th, 2015)

This article and podcast are the seventh in a series profiling candidates for the 2016 Corn Board.


Roger Zylstra has dedicated his time and efforts in service of his fellow farmers at both the state and national level for many years. Now, he hopes to continue to do so in a new capacity as a member of the National Corn Growers Association Corn Board.


Zylstra believes Corn Board members should be knowledgable on a broad range of issues, articulately and willingly engaging on relevant issues whenever appropriate. If elected, he would work to support and defend the RFS and ethanol while also finding new uses for corn. He would also place a high priority on working with the government to find solutions to regulatory and infrastructure issues. At the same time, he places a strong emphasis on the need to promote consumer acceptance of biotechnology while simultaneously working to gain approval for new products at home and abroad.


“A capable and respected organization, NCGA truly represents the corn farmers of the United States,” he explained. “Through my prior service, I have learned so much from NCGA members. Together, I am confident that we can build a better future for America’s corn farmers.”


Currently, Zylstra serves as the chairman of the Iowa Corn Growers Association, as a member of NCGA’s Grower Services Action Team, and chairs the Sully Rural Fire Board. A graduate of NCGA’s Leadership At Its Best and Advanced Leadership programs, he previously vice chaired NCGA’s Trade Policy and Biotechnology Action Team and served on the Production and Stewardship and Public Policy Action Teams.


“We can accomplish much more working together than we can working individually” said Zylstra. “I believe in the stewardship of our time and our resources so I have joined the Soil Health Partnership. Doing this, I can help find ways we can be better stewards of our land and our resources. I am committed to working for our future. It is opportunities for the next generations that are really important to me.”


Zylstra raises corn and soybeans using both no-till and conservation tillage, and manure as the primary nutrient resource on his farm in central Iowa. Along with a son and a neighbor, he runs a contract hog feeding operation that finishes 11,000 head per year. 


To listen to the full interview with Zylstra, click here.


The NCGA Corn Board election takes place during Corn Congress on July 15 in Washington.