As CommonGround Continues to Grow, Website Evolves

(Posted Fri. Sep 25th, 2015)

As consumer questions and attitudes about food and farming evolve, so does the CommonGround website. Re-launched this week, the redesigned site features information in a more personal, video-based format while also adding new information about sustainability in agriculture.


The site now highlights the female farmer volunteers who make up this grassroots program in a more prominent manner. Leading with personal stories in a video format that introduce consumers to the actual women, the site also offers a broad range of facts and information on topics including: animal welfare; antibiotics and animal health; farm ownership; food prices; food safety; GMO foods; hormones in meat and milk; organic and local foods; and sustainability. Each section, which features a lead video with a volunteer, also offers factual, science-based information as well as a shareable infographic.


In addition to the food facts section, the website features information on the volunteers active in your community and a blog through which volunteers speak out on the hot topics of the day.


CommonGround is a grassroots movement to foster conversation among women – on farms and in cities – about where our food comes from. The National Corn Growers Association, United Soybean Board and their state affiliates developed CommonGround to give farm women the opportunity to engage with consumers using a wide range of activities. Now active in 18 states with more than 165 volunteers, the grassroots movement continues to grow. Through more than 650 million conversations over the past five years, CommonGround brings women together to foster understanding and create trust in modern farming and ranching.


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