(Posted Fri. Sep 25th, 2015)

An updated slate of farmers will serve their industry as members of the National Corn Growers Association’s action teams and committees in the next fiscal year, which begins Thursday, October 1, actively shaping the future of their industry by guiding programs carrying out the policies and priorities that guide NCGA.


“The year ahead will certainly offer many challenges and opportunities, but I am certain that the teams we have assembled will be both capable and wise in their leadership,” said NCGA President Chip Bowling, a corn farmer from Maryland. “As we ramp up our focus on growing demand for corn, these men and women will provide excellent insight that will help guide us into a bright future for agriculture. As often happens, we had more outstanding candidates than we had positions for, and we encourage them to stay active in their state and national associations.”


Leadership for NCGA’s six major teams and committees are:


  • Ethanol Committee: Paul Jeschke, chairman; Mark Recker, vice chairman; Keith Alverson, board liaison.
  • Grower Services Action Team: Patty Mann, chairwoman; Ted Mottaz, vice chairman; Kevin Skunes, board liaison.
  • Production and Stewardship Action Team: Brent Hostetler, chairman; Ronnie Mohr, vice chairman; Lynn Chrisp, board liaison.
  • Public Policy Action Team: Steve Ebke, chairman; Ken Hartman, vice chairman; Bruce Rohwer, board liaison.
  • Research and Business Development Action Team: Larry Hoffman, chair; Dennis Maple, vice chairman; Bob Bowman, board liaison.
  • Trade Policy and Biotechnology Action Team: John Linder, chairman; Don Duvall, vice chairman; Kevin Ross, board liaison.


Click here for the complete roster of team members.  The action teams and committees will have their first set of meetings in St. Louis in December.