Corn Growers Bring Ethanol Education to Sunbelt Ag Expo

(Posted Wed. Oct 21st, 2015)

Working with the Georgia Corn Growers Association, leadership of the National Corn Growers Association is attending the Sunbelt Ag Expo in Moultrie, Ga., this week to talk about the 2015 corn harvest, the importance of building market demand for growers and how corn farmers are sustainably feeding and fueling the world.


This is the second time NCGA has had a presence at the popular Southern farm show, which has 1,200 exhibitors over 100 acres and includes a 600-acre demonstration farm. The Southeast states, from Texas to Maryland, include nearly 50,000 farms growing about 1.2 billion bushels of corn on more than 9 million acres. 


“We really wanted to come into the southern Corn Belt and meet with more of our corn farmers and make sure they understand what NCGA is and what we can do for them,” said NCGA First Vice President Wesley Spurlock of Texas, who attended the event. “At the same time, working with our Georgia affiliate, we brought in a biofuels education center for an interactive look at how ethanol benefits the country.”


For the first time in the history of the expo, NCGA and Georgia Corn are hosting the Biofuels Mobile Education Center, designed to help those looking for more information about ethanol and other biofuels. It is stocked with interactive touch screen computers, educational displays, movies and more. The first day of the expo it sparked numerous conversations about myths surrounding ethanol and the facts that put these myths to rest.