(Posted Fri. Oct 16th, 2015)

The National Corn Growers Association now offers its fifth season of Field Notes, a series that takes readers behind the farm gate to follow the year in the life of American farm families. While these growers come from diverse geographic areas and run unique operations, they share a common love for U.S. agriculture and the basic values that underpin life in farming communities.


Today, Field Notes checked in with Iowa farmer April Hemmes. While sitting in the cab of her combine, Hemmes explained that, with only 30 acres of corn left to harvest, she is seeing some of the best yields of her life.


“I have been farming for 30 years, and these are the best yields that I have ever seen on my farm,” said Hemmes. “The weather cooperated with us, and we didn’t get the big rains that hit the southern parts of the state. In my fields, I have seen yields from 200 to 220 bushels per acre. At the coffee shop, I haven’t heard talk of yields much below 200 from my neighbors.”


Having started the third week of September, she has seen a steady decrease in initially high moisture levels due to favorable conditions. With only 160 additional acres of soybeans to harvest, she will provide a final look at the growing season in north central Iowa later this month.


To listen to the full interview, click here.


Stay tuned over the coming weeks as Field Notes follows the growers who have opened their farms, families and communities up this year and meet the true faces of modern American agriculture.