(Posted Tue. Feb 2nd, 2016)

Every two years, staff from the National Corn Growers Association’s state affiliates and select grower volunteers come together to talk about the challenges and opportunities in growing and serving the organization’s membership.


This week in Santa Fe, participants from 15 states gathered for several days of presentations and dialogue on topics such as attracting new members, building member diversity, and engaging members through new technology. The group also looked at ways to ensure farming families are adequately represented in state and national membership rolls.


“This was a great opportunity to bring together people who are working day in and out to build and serve membership throughout the country,” said NCGA Grower Services Action Team Chairwoman Patty Mann, a grower from Ohio. “NCGA and its affiliates have always been forward-thinking and dedicated to increasing membership – and increasing member support and activity. These meetings help people from around the country share ideas and best practices to benefit all the organizations.”


States represented by staff and growers included Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Texas and Wisconsin. Scheduled to immediately follow the symposium on Wednesday afternoon is a meeting of the NCGA Grower Services Action Team, which define and implement many of the organization’s membership, leadership and communications programs.