(Posted Thu. Feb 18th, 2016)

The National Agricultural Genotyping Center signed a license agreement with Tuskegee University this week that will provide the center with access to cutting edge food safety testing technology. Using the technology developed at Tuskegee, NAGC will be able to shorten the time necessary to perform food safety tests. This partnership will provide students opportunities to gain valuable research experience and foster their career development.


“This agreement both improves NAGC’s technical capabilities and helps it move forward in its mission of providing educational opportunities and work experience to the researchers of tomorrow,” said National Corn Growers Association Director of Research Dr. Richard Vierling. “Yet, this is only one step in our ongoing efforts to create concrete pathways that help bring diversity and excellence to our field. Today, we have improved the center’s ability to efficiently, accurately assess food safety. In the long run, we hope to improve the field of agricultural research as a whole.”


This licensing agreement was made possible through the generous support of the Department of Homeland Security. Vierling handled the initial identification of this technology, business evaluation and agreement development.


The National Agricultural Genotyping Center was created through a partnership with Los Alamos National Laboratory, NCGA and other agricultural organizations. To learn more, please visit