APRIL 2016


(Posted Mon. Apr 18th, 2016)

In 2015, the National Corn Growers Association launched the Reaching for Excellence award. Developed through the Grower Services Action Team, this award spotlights new approaches to challenges state corn grower associations face and brings forth creative solutions others in similar solutions might find helpful. While the Ohio Corn and Wheat Growers Association took home the award during Commodity Classic in March, NCGA received six excellent submissions which all offer innovative new solutions.


The Corn Marketing Program of Michigan put on the inaugural Between the Rows Tour in August of 2015.  The tour, which was created to provide more face-to-face contact with corn growers in Michigan, brought participants to eight stops over the month in larger production counties in multiple regions of the state. At each stop, the tour met with growers in the area.


During the stops, farmers got a chance to listen to a market report by local elevator representative and a yield update and programs update by Corn Marketing Program of Michigan staff while enjoying a meal. Presentations also helped area farmers gain a better understanding of the work being done by both the corn marketing program and Michigan Corn Growers Association on their behalf. Following each stop, a video recap was offered to let those not in attendance know what the group found out in the fields.


NCGA will continue this series and highlight all six of the excellent submissions from state associations this year. Tomorrow, the fifth installment of this series will highlight Nebraska’s Grassroots Advocacy Workshop.