JULY 2016


(Posted Fri. Jul 1st, 2016)

This article and podcast are the fourth in a series profiling candidates for the 2017 Corn Board.


Tom Haag chose to run for election to the National Corn Growers Association’s Corn Board so that he can be a part of creating a bright future for corn farmers. A team-oriented leader with the ability to find real solutions, he sees Corn Board service as an important way to contribute to his industry in a concrete way.


 “As a member of the Corn Board, I would work to represent not just my state but all of the states,” he said. “We need to work to represent states no matter if they have the largest membership or the smallest. We need to hear all of their concerns and about the situations in their states. If there is an opportunity to help, it is always a great achievement. To continue NCGA’s tradition of excellence, we must work to help all our nation’s corn farmers no matter where they may farm.”


As a Corn Board member, Haag would bring an ability to collaborate well with an already strong team. By carefully considering the many strengths and weaknesses of all possible approaches to multifaceted issues, he aims to consistently bring well-reasoned insight and depth to important conversations. 


“NCGA’s strength comes from a combination of its excellent grower leadership, dedicated staff and consistent reliance upon a grassroots approach,” he explained. “Looking forward, we must not only continue to draw upon these strengths but push ourselves even further to create the social, political, economic and regulatory landscape in which future generations of our families can continue to flourish on the farm.”


He would place a high priority on ethanol, water quality and freedom-to-operate issues to help ensure farmers maintain the ability to grow a safe, abundant crop while also working to grow markets that would support the financial future of U.S. corn.


Haag is a fourth-generation family farmer in south central Minnesota. Along with his son, Nathan, he grows more than 1,300 acres of corn and soybeans.


Currently, Haag serves on NCGA’s Research and Business Development Action, and he previously chaired the Grower Services Action Team. At the state level, he serves as an appointee to the Minnesota Trade Advisory Council and, in the past, he has served as the president of the Minnesota Corn Growers Association. Haag is a graduate of Leadership At Its Best and will complete the Advanced Leadership program in July.


To listen to the full interview with Haag, click here.


The NCGA Corn Board election takes place during Corn Congress on July 20 in Washington.