(Posted Tue. Aug 30th, 2016)

National Corn Growers Association leaders and staff are at the Farm Progress Show this week sharing our critical messages and organizational priorities with farmers, ag media, academic and industry partners.


“The clear intent of our effort is to communicate the economic challenges farmers are facing and leverage NCGA’s position as a thought leader to raise awareness and drive solutions,” said Wesley Spurlock, NCGA’s incoming president. “We are working on everything from developing new fuel infrastructure for greater consumer access to ethanol, to trade issues, to combatting regulatory barriers, and virtually all of our issues come back to the same thing…demand. The quickest and best way to address the looming economic crisis is increasing demand and grinding corn.”


Tens of thousands of farmers, representatives in related industries and dozens of ag media outlets attend the Farm Progress Show each year. So, it provides a unique opportunity to discuss issues and potential solutions as well as relay messages to farmers across the nation not in attendance.


“Farmers, industry and government all have a responsibility to come together to solve this economic challenge. I think our efforts to rebuild research and development capabilities, engage consumers and address our eroding infrastructure represent a big step in the right direction,” Spurlock said. “But, we must all share this commitment and pull in the same direction for us to be successful.”


NCGA Chairman Martin Barbre, President Chip Bowling, incoming First Vice President Kevin Skunes and CEO Chris Novak are all also participating at the Farm Progress Show to make the most of having so many key industry participants in one place.