MAY 2017

Turn Your Smartphone Into an Ag Advocacy Power Tool

(Posted Mon. May 8th, 2017)

Want to play a more active role in the future of agriculture? Download the National Corn Growers Association’s Action app today. Featuring tools that help growers engage and influence elected officials on Capitol Hill and at home in their legislative districts, the app puts NCGA’s legislative issues, grassroots action alerts and social media channels at your fingertips.


The legislative issues facing farmers have grown increasingly complicated. No longer will following the actions taken by the agriculture committee or on the farm bill yield the results farmers desire. NCGA’s team of public policy professionals monitor nearly every committee and work with broader coalitions trying to build broad support for evolving issues.


The application allows you to:

  • Easily access talking points on national issues such as trade, ethanol and biotech;
  • Connect with NCGA’s stewardship initiatives;
  • Be matched up to your state and federal legislators;
  • Email your federal legislators on timely legislative issues;
  • Get social with NCGA’s social media channels;
  • Learn about NCGA member benefits;


“Technology is changing rapidly,” said Engaging Members Committee Chair Paul Taylor.  “It seems like just a few years ago, we were talking about innovations such as auto-steer and GPS tracking.  Today, every farmer has a smart phone or tablet and uses apps designed to manage their operations, improve efficiency and reduce their environmental footprint. Farmers can harness the power of this technology to advocate at the state and national level as well now by downloading and using the powerful tool that is the NCGA Action App.”


The app can be found by searching for “NCGA Action” at the Apple App Store or on Google Play.