MAY 2018


(Posted Thu. May 10th, 2018)

The National Corn Growers Association conducted an open house of sorts for media guests this week. The purpose was to introduce them to key staff members and to expand their base of knowledge related to projects and initiatives targeting increasing corn utilization.


Seven media - representing print, digital and broadcast - attended the all-day briefing session to learn about innovative ways NCGA is focused on grinding the increasing productivity of the nation’s family corn farmers.


“We work with media regularly throughout the year to educate consumers about the benefits of various corn-related products, keep farmers up to speed on emerging agronomic issues, and we place a lot of emphasis on policy legislation,” said Jim Bauman, NCGA director of market development. “This informal briefing session focused exclusively on finding new markets and technologies to utilize corn. With farmers growing consistently large crops and prices at low levels, increased corn grind is crucial.”


Some of the topics covered included: Increasing the Value of Animal Ag Partnerships; Ethanol’s continued Power in the Corn Market; Rethinking Corn as a Critical Industrial Resource.


“NCGA has long recognized the value of media relations but this session was different. There was no central issue, message or goal,” Bauman said. “It was a broad ranging conversation about the challenges and opportunities facing the corn industry and the bright future that is possible if corn’s potential is unleashed.”