(Posted Fri. Aug 8th, 2014)

This week, the National Corn Growers Association National Agricultural Genotyping Center site selection committee visited Illinois and North Dakota to assess the possibility of locating the center in either the DeKalb or Fargo area.


The visits were arranged following a July vote taken by NCGA’s Research and Business Development Team narrowing the final list of site location proposals under consideration. Carefully scrutinizing a number of factors, team members will now issue reports back to the Research and Business Development Action Team, which will chose the winning proposal and submit their recommendation to the Corn Board.


The team, which includes Richard Vierling, Pete Snyder, Bob Bowman, Bob Timmons, Phil Gordon and Chad Willis, was chosen to conduct these visits by the greater team and come from states which did not submit proposals.


Over four days, they toured facilities in Fargo, N.D., and Decatur, lll., considering a list of factors critical to ensuring NAGC’s success. The Research and Business Development Action Team determined these selection criteria and will base its final recommendation on the reports assessments.


The National Agricultural Genotyping Center will translate scientific discoveries, such as the information from the maize genome project, into solutions for production agriculture, food safety, functional foods, bioenergy and national security.


The NAGC partnership brings together Los Alamos National Laboratory, the premier research institution in the world with a proven track record in developing high-throughput genotyping technology, and the National Corn Growers Association, an organization representing more than 42,000 farmer members.