(Posted Sat. Aug 24th, 2013)

Aug. 23: A proud member and sponsor of the St. Louis Agribusiness Club, the National Corn Growers Association took part in the club’s Agmazing 500 Educational AgriBusiness Tour for congressional staff members. Club members hosted 15 staff members from Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas, Iowa and Indiana congressional offices.


A highlight of the tour was a visit to Larry Hasheider’s farm in Okawville, Ill.


“We are thrilled and honored to open up our farm and share what we do with those responsible for educating their representatives on agricultural interests in their districts,” said Hasheider. “We know the political reality of declining rural populations means agriculture has less influence on Capitol Hill. We hope that efforts such as this tour will give these staffers the ammunition they need to convince their bosses that maintaining a prosperous agricultural industry is strategic to the well-being of this country.”


The tour not only showcased the benefits of advances in technology and best practices but also the industry’s diversity. Hasheider’s dairy, hog and crop operation gave participants an up-close look at how diversified farms function to maintain profitability.


“In addition to see how farming operations run, I also hope these folks came away from this experience understanding that farming is not just about the farmer,” said Hasheider.  “It’s about the banker, insurance agent, regulatory authorities, construction and transportation workers, seed and chemical suppliers, processors and many others that work in harmony to put food on our tables.”


Participants also visited the Danforth Plant and Science Center in St. Louis to hear how modern agriculture produces a sustainable, safe and plentiful food supply and toured the newest lock–and-dam in operation in Alton, Ill., where they were treated to a barge ride on the Mississippi River. Additionally, the event included tours of the Bunge grain handling facility, of the fertilizer supplier Lange Stegmann and of the famous Anheuser-Busch Brewery, where they learned about the important role of agricultural inputs and commodities in the brewery’s business.