(Posted Wed. Apr 23rd, 2014)

Special previews of the new documentary FARMLAND, produced by Academy Award-winning director James Moll, are taking place in special venues and film festivals around the country as the May 1 public premiere kicks off in more than 100 communities across the United States.


The documentary was produced with the generous support of the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance (USFRA), of which the National Corn Growers Association is a founding affiliate. Last week at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City, a premiere of the film included five of the six young farmers and ranchers profiled, as well as the musical talent of Everclear and Liz Phair, who offer a new version of “This Land is Your Land” at the film’s conclusion.


“Among the goals of USFRA has always been to raise the profile of farmers and ranchers, to take them to new places and to find an entry into popular culture,” said NCGA President Martin Barbre, an Illinois corn grower who attended the Tribeca event. “Those goals have been met in several of USFRA’s undertakings, and last week’s event in the Big Apple was no doubt among the most significant examples.”


In St. Louis Tuesday evening, nearly 300 attended a screening at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, the sort of research venue that is helping today’s farmers meet the growing global demand for food. Attending that was Mike Geske, an NCGA board member who also sits on USFRA’s executive committee.


“As someone who has seen this film a few times as it was being completed, I really enjoyed seeing and hearing the audience the audience reaction to the completed film,” Geske said. “I am especially glad that we had so many non-farmers in the audience who came away with such a positive attitude and desire to help spread the news about the film. They are the audience we are really trying to get to see this film as we just begin our expansive release effort.”


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