(Posted Fri. Apr 10th, 2015)

The National Corn Growers Association now offers its fifth season of Field Notes, a series that takes readers behind the farm gate to follow the year in the life of American farm families. While these growers come from diverse geographic areas and run unique operations, they share a common love for U.S. agriculture and the basic values that underpin life in farming communities.


Field Notes caught up with Maryland farmer Jennie Schmidt, who blogs as “The Foodie Farmer.” While she has begun work on other crops, she is still a few weeks away from planting corn.


“I haven’t seen anyone begin corn planting here yet, but I have seen some doing ground work and running soil tests already,” said Schmidt. “We have had a lot of rain and, last time I check the soil temperatures they were in the low 40s. We won’t begin planting corn until the soil temperatures hit a good 50 degrees or better. We do not normally start planting corn until April 25 at the earliest, and that is our target date to begin this year too.”


Active in her area’s farming leadership, Schmidt shared her insight into corn planting intentions in Maryland for 2015.


“From what I have heard from the guys on our grain producers’ board, they have not really shifted acres, and neither have we,” she explained. “We are sticking with our normal planting mode of about 60 percent corn and 40 percent soybeans. I haven’t really heard of anyone who will be making major acreage changes here.”


To listen to the full interview, including an account of her work in the vineyards this spring, click here.


Stay tuned over the coming weeks as Field Notes follows the growers who have opened their farms, families and communities up this year and meet the true faces of modern American agriculture.