(Posted Tue. Sep 24th, 2013)

Sept. 23: Today, National Corn Growers Association President Pam Johnson joined world leaders from business and government and America's top faith, military, agriculture and health representatives at the Opening Ceremony for Climate Week NYC 2013. In its fifth year, Climate Week NYC provides a global summit for government, business and thought leaders to drive innovation, build coalitions and deliver practical solutions. 


"Modern agriculture isn't the problem; it's the solution,” Johnson explained. “We are producing more grain on limited arable acres."  


Johnson, who spoke alongside international notables including former United Kingdom Prime Minister Tony Blair, President of World Bank Jim Kim, U.S. Special Envoy for Climate Change Todd Stern and many others, brought the story of American corn farmers to the panel. In her remarks, she stressed the scientific and technological advances agriculture uses to increasing demands and an ever-changing environment.


“Perhaps more than any other sector of the economy, farmers are dependent upon the weather and must find ways to adapt to changes to remain productive,” Johnson said.  “The good news is that technology advancements in agriculture are helping farmers become more resilient in the face of volatile weather while also significantly decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.”


Against the backdrop of President Obama’s commitment to take action on climate change, and the publication of the first part of the International Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessment Report, Climate Week NYC 2013 focuses on the themes of leadership, opportunity and security.


"Farmers are committed to taking care of the land and our natural resources,” Johnson stated. “The next generation deserves nothing less."


CEOs and executives from top companies also spoke during the event including: Phil Ryan, Swiss Re; Meg Whitman, Hewlett-Packard; Harry Verhaar, Phillips; Steve Howard, IKEA; Nancy Pfund, SolarCity and entrepreneurs Sir Richard Branson and Tom Steyer. Additionally, faith leader Dorothy Boorse, and former Republican U.S. Representative Bob Inglis provided remarks.