(Posted Fri. Aug 2nd, 2013)

Aug. 2: This week, leadership from the National Corn Growers Association traveled to Ottawa to participate in the U.S. Grains Council’s 53rd Annual Meeting. Representing the association, a founding member of USGC, were NCGA President Pam Johnson, Chairman Garry Niemeyer, First Vice President Martin Barbre and CEO Rick Tolman. They shared their insight into current conditions facing corn growers domestically while discussing the factors shaping overseas markets with leadership from across the industry.


“Our work with the Grains Council plays an important role in NCGA’s mission of creating and maintaining opportunities for corn farmers,” said Johnson. “As we work directly on domestic markets, our partnership allows us to capitalize on NCGA’s policy successes and find innovative ways to build and maintain export markets for U.S. corn and distillers dried grains. Cooperatively, we can most efficiently ensure that we are maximizing all markets for corn, whether they be at home or abroad.”


Johnson formally presented during a panel on the “MAIZALL: Argentina, Brazil and U.S. Alliance for Corn Exports,” along with USGC Chairman Don Fast and USGC Vice Chairman Julius Schaaf. During this discussion Johnson provided insight into the exciting new partnership, which launched its website and announced its board this week.


Other panels brought American farmers together with their Canadian counterparts and government officials for a discussion on a wide variety of issues, featured updates on how the Trans Pacific Partnership can help expand trade in the Pacific Rim and looked at the challenges for U.S. agriculture in European markets. Featured speakers addressed the 2013 farm bill, the future of American grain exports in the age of renewable fuels and on how Canada views the world.


The meeting included time for advisory teams to meet separately and a Board of Delegates session. To learn more about the U.S. Grains Council and their activities on behalf of corn farmers abroad, click here.