(Posted Thu. May 28th, 2015)

With the generous support of the Nebraska Corn Board, two college students from the Cornhusker State are joining the National Corn Growers Association as interns this summer to learn more about the industry. 


NCGA’s headquarters office in suburban St. Louis is hosting Emily Scholting of Springfield, Nebraska, as their summer intern supported by a partnership between NCB and NCGA. Scholting will be a senior in political science with an emphasis in pre-law at Nebraska Wesleyan University. She will be assisting with production and stewardship projects, as well as participating in committee meetings and policy issues.


The NCGA Washington office welcomes Glen Ready of Scribner, Nebraska, as their summer intern. Ready will be a senior in agricultural economics with an emphasis in public policy at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He will be involved with a variety of agricultural issues related to environmental regulations, transportation, free trade agreements, biotechnology, ethanol and energy. 


“Nebraska has generously provided interns for our Washington office for some time, and we’re happy to welcome a fourth intern sent to our home office through this program,” said NCGA Vice President of Production and Sustainability Paul Bertels. “NCGA has always appreciated the intelligence, professionalism and dedication of these young men and women. While these students gain valuable experience in the field, we benefit greatly from their time and perspective.” 


Scholting and Ready are two of five interns the Nebraska Corn Board is providing this year to its cooperating associations. Click here for more information.