(Posted Tue. Apr 19th, 2016)

In 2015, the National Corn Growers Association launched the Reaching for Excellence award. Developed through the Grower Services Action Team, this award spotlights new approaches to challenges state corn grower associations face and brings forth creative solutions others in similar solutions might find helpful. While the Ohio Corn and Wheat Growers Association took home the award during Commodity Classic in March, NCGA received six excellent submissions which all offer innovative new solutions.


The Nebraska Corn Growers Association held its third Grassroots Advocacy Workshop in 2015. The two-day event, which was open to all members, focused on strengthening the attendee’s advocacy skills. With updates from industry, state and national perspectives, the workshop provided farmers with insight into issues beyond the farm gate to aid in advocacy. The program also helped attendees build the skillset needed to be an effective advocate with training in social media strategies, interacting with elected officials and writing impactful op-eds for local newspapers.


NCGA will continue this series and highlight all six of the excellent submissions from state associations this year. Tomorrow, the sixth and final installment of this series will highlight the Texas Leadership, Activism, Networking and Development Program.