(Posted Fri. Feb 6th, 2015)

The National Corn Growers Association’s Production and Stewardship Action Team met in New Orleans, La. to review progress on a number of current programs and learn about issues associated with transportation on the lower Mississippi River.


“The team covers a wide range of topics,” said team Chairman Don Glenn. “It’s impossible for us to do justice to each issue that falls under production and stewardship at every meeting, so we hit the hot topics hard and cover information on other matters with updates.”


This meeting’s agenda included updates on the Honey Bee Health Coalition and issues associated with pollinators, railroad commodity shipments, EPA clean water and air issues and the Water Environment Research Foundation Project. Presentations were made by the Americas Wetland Foundation regarding wetland restoration, the U.S. Grains Council on corn marketing and quality transportation, the Surface Transportation Board, Rail Customer and Public Assistance Program on current challenges with moving commodities by rail, the importance of dredging efforts on the lower Mississippi River by the Big River Coalition, and hypoxia areas on the Mississippi River by Louisiana State University professor Dr. Gene Turn.


The team also enjoyed tours of USDA’s ARS Southern Regional Research Center labs researching mycotoxin and the Port of New Orleans.


In addition to Glenn, team members include Vice Chair Brent Hostetler of Ohio, Board Liaison Kevin Ross of Iowa, Jim Burg of South Dakota, Morris Heitman of Missouri, Kirby Hettver of Minnesota, Gary Hudson of Illinois, Jeff Jarboe of Illinois, Carson Klosterman of North Dakota, Gail Lierer of Ohio, Ronnie Mohr of Indiana, Carl Sousek of Nebraska, Randy Woodruff of Wisconsin, and state affiliate staff representative Theresa Sisung of Michigan. NCGA staff for the team include Director of Production, Stewardship and Livestock Max Starbuck; Manager of Public Policy Ethan Mathews; and NCYC Coordinator Linda Kassoff.