(Posted Wed. Aug 14th, 2013)

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Aug. 14: National Corn Growers Association officers and senior staff have gathered with representatives of 14 leading agribusinesses for the biannual NCGA Agri-Industry Council meeting to discuss vital issues facing agriculture, share information on their companies and sectors, hear from recognized speakers and learn from NCGA about its current initiatives.  The Agri-Industry Council was established in 2007 to facilitate dialogue between agribusinesses and NCGA to collectively address issues of mutual concern.   “U.S. agri-business works hard to improve farming by providing growers with innovative technology and ever-improving seed varieties,” said NCGA President Pam Johnson. “Through meetings such as this one, we bring key leaders from across the value chain together so that we move forward with a better understanding of the big picture and can coordinate to build a brighter future.”   Over the course of the meeting, attendees are hearing from government relations...