(Posted Tue. Dec 17th, 2013)

Keywords: Water Sustainability Regulations

Dec. 17: This week, the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency convened a Scientific Advisory Board to conduct a peer review of the Water Body Connectivity Report draft released by that agency in September. The panel, which includes a broad variety of independent scientific experts, is assessing the scientific validity of that report, upon which the agency will base their rule defining Waters of the United States. This rule seeks to expand EPA’s regulatory authority under the Clean Water Act. The review, which began on Monday, has thus far proceeded in a constructive yet inquisitive manner that the National Corn Growers Association hopes will lead to findings that positively impact the final rule.   “While the debate going on in Washington may seem academic and ephemeral, it will have real-world implications for farmers in their fields,” said NCGA Production and Stewardship Action Team Chair Don Glenn, who farms in Alabama. “Farmers take their responsibility to care for natural...

(Posted Thu. Dec 27th, 2012)

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Dec. 27: The National Corn Growers Association thanks Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson for acting on the Obama Administration’s commitment to ethanol and other biofuels during her tenure. This statement comes on the heels of today’s public announcement of her forthcoming resignation in January. “Administrator Jackson worked with NCGA to support the ethanol industry and promote science-based regulations during her tenure,” said NCGA Chairman Garry Niemeyer, a farmer from Auburn, Ill. “Upon the announcement of her departure, we thank her for the action she took on behalf of the Administration to advance E15, support the RFS and for her willingness to work with America’s farmers. We hope to continue working in this cooperative, productive manner with her successor.” During her tenure as EPA Administrator, Jackson approved E15, a 15 percent ethanol blended-fuel, for consumer availability. In doing so, she helped decrease our nation’s dependence upon foreign...