Trade and Biofuels Offer Solution for Weak Ag Economy

(Posted Wed. Sep 25th, 2019)

Keywords: Trade; Ethanol

Earlier this week, NCGA attended the Ag Outlook Forum in Kansas, City. Guests, including NCGA manager of Market Development, Michael Granché, traveled from Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, and Nebraska to hear from esteemed speakers on the health of the U.S. agricultural economy, the trade war, and what potential challenges and opportunities lay ahead for the industry.   Speakers included; Kansas Senator Jerry Moran, Missouri Governor Mike Parson, and USDA Deputy Secretary Steve Censky, all of whom opened the floor to receive questions from the audience after their remarks. Guests also had the opportunity to engage in a roundtable discussion on Workforce Development led by Mark Stewart, CEO and President of Agriculture Future of America.   Granché found the Forum to be a valuable networking opportunity and enjoyed hearing from different perspectives across the industry. “It’s been a tough year for the industry as a whole. Just like Governor Parson said, ‘he’s never met a farmer who hasn’t...