Download Now! The NCGA app has resources for you.

(Posted Tue. Jan 8th, 2019)

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Now is a great time to download the NCGA app. From either the Apple App Store or the Google Play store, search for “NCGA Action” to download our free app. Alternatively, you can find download instructions on our website,   While our app has many key features, we want to highlight three that you might find extremely useful.   One, you can find out more about your new legislators or find out the committee assignments of your representative and senators. Click on the “Legislative Resources” to browse for your state and federal legislators. You can either browse by state, enter your address or by standing in your front yard and click the “Use my location” button.   Two, by clicking the “National Issues” button, you can find talking points on key policies affecting corn growers. You’ll always be prepared for that meeting, interview or coffee shop discussion.   Three, sometimes it is necessary to tell our legislators how we feel about an issue. You...

August is Member Recruiter Month

(Posted Wed. Aug 1st, 2018)

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This month, the National Corn Growers Association is holding a membership drive campaign, encouraging farmers who aren’t members to consider joining their state and national organizations.   “Becoming a member of my state organization and NCGA gave me the opportunity to develop my leadership skills and become more active in the association,” says John Linder, Ohio farmer and Chair of the Engaging Members Committee. “Our goal is for more corn farmers to become involved in the state and national organizations to help promote issues important to corn growers, develop new leaders and increase membership engagement and diversity.”                                                                   Top 10 Benefits of Becoming a Member:   Grassroots Advocacy – Make your voice heard in your state capital and Washington on important issues like market access, farm bill and ethanol—membership dollars, not checkoff dollars, drive advocacy. Scholarships –Apply for college...