Providing on Our #CornCommitment - Pocket Guide

Providing on Our #CornCommitment - Pocket Guide

U.S. corn farmers are stewards of the land who are committed to pillars of environmental, social and economic sustainability. As the largest sector in American agriculture, NCGA and the 300,000 corn farmers they represent understand their collective responsibility to foster a more sustainable future through continued advances and efficiencies in land, water and energy use.


Corn is a versatile crop providing abundant high-quality food, feed, renewable energy, biobased products and ecosystem services. As corn farmers, we are committed to continuous improvement, always evaluating how we can do better.


By joining forces with organizations in both the private and public sectors, we are bolstering productivity and profitability across the broad agricultural landscape. Through industry and stakeholder collaboration, NCGA is helping to propel advancement much further and much faster than any of us can do alone in navigating a vast climate-smart agriculture future.


Please take a look at these continued advancements and efforts which are being led by NCGA’s Action Teams: