Feeding and

Fueling America

America is Cornfed through corn farmers’ commitment to sustainability, innovation and the impact they make on their rural economies.
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Through continued advances and efficiencies in land, water and energy use, corn farmers further their mission to be stewards of the land. See how U.S. farmers are committed to creating a more sustainable future.
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Grit, passion and perseverance drives corn farmers to succeed no matter what obstacles they face. Read more on how corn farmers are advancing innovation
on their farms.
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Economic Impact

Corn farmers add $73,600,000,000 to the U.S. economy annually. Dig into how farmers economic contributions enhance the economy on both the local
and national levels.
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Farmer Stories


Innovation from the classroom to the corn field.
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Julia and Russell Williams

Stewarding the land for future generations.
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Feeding the economy on a family-owned farm.
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See how corn farmers are feeding economies and communities across America.

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