NCGA Welcomes Ag Delegation from Philippines

December 9, 2016

NCGA Welcomes Ag Delegation from Philippines

Dec 9, 2016

The National Corn Growers Association welcomed a group of government officials from the Philippines this week for discussions on the U.S. corn industry, the role associations play in promoting farmers’ interests and on ongoing projects in their country’s Department of Agriculture. The team, which was led by Philippines Department of Agriculture Assistant Secretary for Field Operations Federico E. Laciste, Jr. and organized by Monsanto, will also visit a variety of sites related to corn production and transportation in the Untied States and Mexico.


The delegation shared an overview of corn farming in the Philippines. During discussions about government-led efforts, they noted one particularly interesting program involving corn and human health. Currently, their Department of Agriculture is implementing plans to increase white corn consumption by promoting the inclusion of white corn grits along with a dietary staple, rice. By substituting a portion of the rice consumed with the white corn grits, the government will be able to lower the glycemic index of a food prevalent in the country’s diet. Thus, they aim to slow the recent increases in diabetes rates.


NCGA Vice President of Production and Stewardship Paul Bertels participated in these discussions, proving an overview of U.S. corn production, the current agricultural environment in the United States and the U.S. regulatory system.