Keeping the Ethanol Story Front and Center

January 26, 2017

Keeping the Ethanol Story Front and Center

Jan 26, 2017

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All in all, 2016 was a good year for the ethanol industry. EPA followed statute and set renewable volume obligations at the levels intended by Congress.  Shortly after, USDA released its new lifecycle analysis of corn-based ethanol and reaffirmed the fuel’s ability to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions when compared to gasoline. However, as pointed out by Colorado Corn CEO Mark Sponsler in a recent Journal-Advocate article, ethanol advocates should not and will not rest on their laurels any time soon. “Ethanol is a clean-burning, renewable, high-octane biofuel that's reducing our dependency on foreign oil, boosting rural economies, and helping lower gas prices at the pump, commented Sponsler. “There's no good reason, based on fact and sound science, that ethanol advocates have had to spend so much time on the defense.”


Candidate Trump recognized ethanol’s benefits to the U.S. economy by promising to defend the RFS. To thank President Trump for his unwavering support of the corn and ethanol industry,  Fuels America released a new ad thanking him for his leadership in recognizing the RFS’s impact in creating American jobs and energy independence. NCGA and its state affiliates are committed to keeping ethanol’s successful contributions to the U.S. economy in front of the Trump administration. It’s too good of a story not to.