FUSION Sparks Interest in Finding CommonGround

February 15, 2017

FUSION Sparks Interest in Finding CommonGround

Feb 15, 2017

American Farm Bureau FUSION Conference attendees enjoyed a first-hand account of CommonGround, a program supported by the National Corn Growers Association, the United Soybean Board and their state affiliates. Attendees participated in an interactive learning session titled “Finding CommonGround.” CommonGround volunteer Kristin Reese, who farms in Ohio, showed a standing room-only crowd how CommonGround, helps foster mutual understanding and trust through conversations between the women who grow and raise food and those who buy it.


Drawing upon the power of her personal experience, Reese explained how farm women across the country are sharing their experiences and helping consumers feel confident about American ag today. She provided insight into the program’s real, inclusive, positive and credible approach to conversations while showing the approach in action through anecdotes about their personal experiences. Active in the program since its inception, Reese offered valuable insight into the honest concerns of consumers who want the same thing as she does – to feed her family nutritious, healthy foods.


Following a description of how volunteers approach conversations and a short look into the group’s work, attendees asked a number of insightful questions that peered deeply into today’s hottest topics in ag.  In addition, many gained further information about how to start or grow the program in their area.


Now in its seventh year, CommonGround brings more than 200 of America’s farm women to the table for food discussions and helps consumers eat fearlessly. To date, the work of these women has resulted in nearly one billion conversations and impressions.


To learn more about CommonGround, click here.