Meet the FY18 Corn Board Candidates: Dennis Maple

June 28, 2017

Meet the FY18 Corn Board Candidates: Dennis Maple

Jun 28, 2017

This article and podcast are part of a series profiling candidates for the 2018 Corn Board.


Having worked with many types of boards, Dennis Maple gives his time, energy and leadership to find solutions for the good of the whole. Seeing the Corn Board as a melting pot of corn grower leaders coming together to help improve productivity, policy and profitability, he hopes to continue his service as a member of the National Corn Growers Association Corn Board.


Maple found inspiration to run for the Corn Board both from the encouragement of his peers and from his desire to help his fellow growers.


“I want to help my fellow growers govern the policies of NCGA,” he said. “By giving input into the 2018 farm bill, I want to help all growers. From finding new uses for corn to helping tell the story of the American corn farmer as a good steward of the land, I want to help the industry that has given so much to me.”  


Maple has served in many capacities at the state and national level. Locally, he has been involved with several government programs and, additionally, has gained international experience through trade missions.


Through this experience, he developed a perspective on the qualities and traits necessary for leadership.


“A good leader needs to be able to be a good listener,” he explained. “A good leader must see what needs to be done for the good of all growers and then act to achieve these goals.”


As a member of the Corn Board, finding new uses would be his first goal.


“We seem to have a big supply of corn in this country today, and I think we always will,” said Maple. “We need to expand and find new uses in the ethanol and livestock sectors. As our biggest markets, they are both of great importance, and they will continue to be. So, if we can grow our livestock and ethanol sectors, we will use more corn.


In addition to new uses, he would place a high value on increasing international trade and the improvement of soil and water quality management practices.


Maple grows corn, soybeans and wheat, as well as raising hogs on his farm in Indiana.


To listen to the full interview with Maple, click here.


The NCGA Corn Board election takes place at the July 19 Corn Congress session in Washington.