Ethanol Advocate Memorialized in Michigan Today

August 8, 2017

Ethanol Advocate Memorialized in Michigan Today

Aug 8, 2017

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Every successful industry needs advocates of heroic stature. If they happen to be gregarious, fearless and zealous in their beliefs that’s a huge bonus. Keith Holmes was that guy, and today he is being remembered at a memorial service in Spring Lake, Michigan.


Keith, who was killed in a crash recently during the St. Clair River Classic offshore powerboat race in Michigan, throttled and raced boats in the Offshore Powerboat Association, American Powerboat Association, Offshore Super Series and Superboat International series competitions. He also was a believer in the benefits of ethanol fuel.


As the owner of CK Motorsports and throttleman of the American Ethanol Cat Can Do Catamaran, he used his love of racing to show recreational and professional powerboaters that ethanol worked on the water as well as the road.


Keith worked with NCGA and a number of the state corn organizations to set the record straight on ethanol use in marine engines.  His voice will definitely be missed.