National Geographic Places Corn’s Sustainability Story Front and Center

September 13, 2017

National Geographic Places Corn’s Sustainability Story Front and Center

Sep 13, 2017

This week, visitors coming to National Geographic’s website will see the story of corn’s sustainability in the spotlight through a series of four articles about real U.S. corn farmers. Prominently displayed on National Geographic’s homepage, these articles help tell the story of how farmers grow corn sustainably for use in more sustainable products that, ultimately, create a better future for families both on and off the farm.


The series of articles, which launched in August with publication of new articles on a weekly basis was made possible through the work of the National Corn Growers Association and its state affiliates as part of a project aiming to share the story of corn’s sustainability with consumers. The four stories, which feature Minnesota farmer Bryan Biegler, Ohio farmer Patty Mann, Illinois farmer Paul Taylor and Iowa farmer Kevin Ross, are reaching audiences through numerous channels including National Geographic’s social media channels and its travel-oriented newsletters. State associations and NCGA are also amplifying these stories out further through promotions on Facebook throughout the month.


With growing public interest, not only in the food on their plates but also the impacts of its production on our water, air and soil, sharing the true story of sustainability and conservation practices used by U.S. corn farmers helps bring rural and urban America together. In realizing the value all of us place on providing clean air, clean water and healthy lands for our families to enjoy as they grow too, Americans can confidently take pride in the agricultural story that is both our heritage and our future.


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