Chrisp Focuses on the Future, Provides Insight as FY18 NCGA First Vice President

October 3, 2017

Chrisp Focuses on the Future, Provides Insight as FY18 NCGA First Vice President

Oct 3, 2017

When the National Corn Growers Association entered a new fiscal year Sunday, Nebraska farmer Lynn Chrisp assumed the role of first vice president.  Off the Cob spoke with the new officer to explore the challenges he sees as most important to corn farmers in the next year and discuss his thoughts on leadership.


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Chrisp began by giving an overview of his priorities this year.


“NCGA Is focusing on three primary areas: ethanol, farm bill and regulation, particularly as it pertains to the EPA,” he explained. “For me, I know these three areas only represent a small start into looking at everything we are working on.


“Under the farm bill alone, we are working on the commodity title, conservation programs, crop insurance, trade and research. All of these areas are very important. I am hoping that the work we try to accomplish over the next year will show some fruit in each of these areas.”


Chrisp enjoys his work in NCGA leadership, but he also remains deeply rooted in his appreciation for his career in farming.


“The challenge of the work that is in front of us. It is one thing as a farm operator to be going about the day-to-day activities on the farm required to get a crop in the field, harvested and appropriately marketed. I still find this to be an enjoyable facet of life for me as my career.


“For the last couple of decades, away from the farm, I have focused on work and activities with NCGA. The respect and involvement that NCGA has in the country and in our nation’s capital is pretty mind-boggling once you are immersed into the activities. I really enjoy being involved, deeply immersed and, now growing into a leadership position.”


In the coming fiscal year, Chrisp stresses that members should be aware of and involved in NCGA’s efforts pertaining to both the farm bill and demand-building areas such as trade and ethanol.


“Without a doubt, all of our members of corn growers are thinking about what is going to come out of the next farm bill. We are focusing our attention on the commodity title. We have polled our membership on a number of different occasions in the past year, and we have found over and over again that our membership believes that crop insurance is the most important aspect of a farm safety net. Personally, I agree.”


Explaining that the issues go on and on, Chrisp also prioritizes trade and ethanol work.