Remember! Complete Your National Yield Contest Entry by Submitting Harvest Forms

November 2, 2017

Remember! Complete Your National Yield Contest Entry by Submitting Harvest Forms

Nov 2, 2017

With harvest continuing across the country, the National Corn Growers Association reminds farmers to submit their harvest forms for the 2017 National Corn Yield Contest by Friday, December 1, at 4:30 p.m. CST. These forms are available online for those who entered the contest. Please do remember though, entrants are asked to report within two weeks of their final yield check or by Dec. 1 now, whichever comes first.


“While NCGA certainly understands the unique nature of each harvest, it is important to keep contest rules regarding harvest form submissions in mind. We ask contest applicants to submit harvest forms within two weeks of their final yield check to allow NCGA staff adequate time to thoroughly review each form,” said Stewardship Action Team Chair Roger Zylstra. “The National Corn Yield Contest plays a significant role in recognizing excellence and finding new, more productive techniques. We hope that growers continue to support the contest by seeing their entry through and submitting their completed harvest data forms.”


The online harvest form is available to both farmers, seed representatives and supervisors completing on behalf of farmers using the same login process as the initial entry form. Login does require submission of the entrant’s NCGA membership number.


NCGA moved to a solely online harvest entry documentation platform in 2015. To complete the form, entrants will upload weigh tickets and yield calculations worksheet that details the number of rows harvested and length of each pass. Prior to upload, both documents must be signed by the contest supervisor. This year a tutorial video is available online.


For half of a century, NCGA’s National Corn Yield Contest has provided corn growers the opportunity to compete with their colleagues to grow the most corn per acre, helping feed and fuel the world. This has given participants not only the recognition they deserved, but the opportunity to learn from their peers.


Winners receive national recognition in publications such as the NCYC Corn Yield Guide, as well as cash trips or other awards from participating sponsoring seed, chemical and crop protection companies. The winners will be honored during Commodity Classic 2018 in Anaheim, Calif.


For access to contest information and a detailed list of the entry and harvest rules, click here.


Click here for the 2017 National Corn Yield Contest Online Harvest Form.