Annual Report Shows How NCGA Lays the Groundwork for Success

January 29, 2018

Annual Report Shows How NCGA Lays the Groundwork for Success

Jan 29, 2018

The National Corn Growers Association’s annual report for the 2017 fiscal year is now available online.  Themed “Groundwork,” the 2017 report spotlights efforts made by NCGA throughout the year to reach long-term, strategic goals to improve the future of the industry by increasing demand. A printed copy of the report, which also features current financial information, will also be sent to all active members.


Click here to view the full report.


“It could be applying fertilizer to ensure a healthy crop. Or applying crop protection products to reduce pressure from weeds and insects that steal a crop’s potential. Perhaps it’s adding a cover crop. Whatever practices you use on your farm, you understand the importance of laying groundwork- taking care of the little things that give you an opportunity for a successful harvest,” said NCGA Chairman Wesley Spurlock, a grower from Texas, in a joint letter to readers co-authored by NCGA CEO Chris Novak.  


“Laying the groundwork is just as important for the National Corn Growers Association as it is on your farm. Whether it is building out the infrastructure to carry higher blends of ethanol, working to ensure continued access to international markets or fighting to protect your access to viable risk management tools, we know the importance of laying a solid foundation.”


The report also includes perspective from grower leaders, information about the activities of NCGA’s action teams and committees and updates on its major image programs. This document provides a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to delve further into what NCGA does on behalf of our nation’s farmers.