Action Teams Take Deep Dive into Issues, Develop Critical Insights

February 12, 2018

Action Teams Take Deep Dive into Issues, Develop Critical Insights

Feb 12, 2018

Members of the National Corn Growers Association’s Action Teams met last week to review programs, budgets and policies associated with the association’s work and explore topics critical to the future of the corn industry. While there, the teams met with representatives from across the value chain to explore upcoming challenges and opportunities. 


Looking at a variety of issues, including how goals set out in NCGA’s strategic plan can be achieved, the teams used their in-depth knowledge of the subject matter to develop the nuanced, strategic suggestions needed to help the Corn Board guide NCGA policy effectively.


“Over my years working with both NCGA and the states, I have come to truly appreciate the magnitude of the many issues facing farmers today,” said NCGA President Kevin Skunes, a farmer from North Dakota. “By providing our Action Teams with specialization in major areas of opportunity and taking the time to analyze the issues in a critical, thorough manner, these farmer-leader teams provide effective, insightful input on how the Corn Board can shape NCGA policy, and, subsequently, maximize the effectiveness of farmer-funded activities to increase profitability.”


NCGA’s teams which met in St. Louis, Mo. include: the Consumer Engagement Action Team; the Engaging Members Committee; the Ethanol Action Team; the Food, Feed and Industrial Uses Action Team; the Freedom to Operate Action Team; the Market Access Action Team; and the Stewardship Action Team. These teams enjoyed a joint presentation on NCGA’s ongoing efforts to develop a unified sustainability platform moving forward over lunch on the final day.


The Risk Management Action Team met in Washington, DC.


The Corn Productivity and Quality Action Team will meet during the upcoming Ideation Workshop to be held March 28 through 30 in St. Louis.