NCGA Media and Policy Training Takes Advocacy to New Heights

February 5, 2018

NCGA Media and Policy Training Takes Advocacy to New Heights

Feb 5, 2018

A group of veteran farmer leaders from across the country met in Washington this week to take part in the NCGA Policy and Media Training program co-sponsored by the National Corn Growers Association and Syngenta. This program, which replaces Advanced Leadership, offers high-level training for a select group of Leadership At Its Best alumni. During the program, participants received an insider’s view of how lobbyists work on Capitol Hill and talked through some tough issues facing the association and American agriculture.


“The program provides an impactful way to sharpen the skills gained through Leadership At Its Best in a short time,” said NCGA President Kevin Skunes, himself a graduate of the program. “These farmers have stepped up as leaders, volunteering their time and talent on behalf of corn farmers and the entire agricultural community. They are passionate about farming. We aim to give them the knowledge and tools to harness that passion and effectively drive positive change.”


The class underwent extensive media training with professionals from the American Farm Bureau Federation and heard directly from consumers about their attitudes and perceptions of modern farming. They also received policy briefings from and spent an afternoon shadowing NCGA’s lobbyists.


This year’s NCGA Policy and Media Training class includes Ken Hartman, Jr (Ill.); Brent Hostetler (Ohio); Mike Lefever (Colo.); Mike Moreland (Mo.); and Doug Rebout (Wis.).


Interested? NCGA is accepting applications for the next Policy and Media Training class until March 30. To learn more and for an application, please visit NCGA’s website.