We are Ethanol Strong!

February 15, 2018

This week, the Renewable Fuels Association held their annual National Ethanol Conference with a focus on growing markets in the U.S. and abroad. RFA President and CEO Bob Dinneen opened the conference with the State of the Industry address, focusing on everything the ethanol industry has done to be "Ethanol Strong."


"I am more confident than I have ever been that the U.S. ethanol industry, led by the visionaries in this room, is poised for continued growth and unprecedented success," Dinneen said. "That is not just because the industry is strong today and getting stronger. It is because this industry knows what it takes to succeed, and remains resolute in the face of setback, determined in the face of adversity, and committed to the farmers who grow our feedstock, consumers who use our fuel, and a nation that rewards innovation. I am inspired by your strength. You are Ethanol Strong."


"The RFS has been a tremendous success," Dinneen added. "It does not need to be reformed simply because some refiners don't like the policy. RFS2 has been in place 10 years now, and by every measure it has accomplished what it was intended to do. We need a rational, forward-looking conversation about the future that builds upon the success of the RFS. Let's talk about policies that grow biofuels by recognizing their octane, carbon, and emissions benefits. Everyone wins."


NCGA's Kathy Bergren, Director of Public Policy, participated on a Washington Insider's panel, discussing policy priorities, infrastructure and RINs. "Our top priorities when it comes to ethanol this year include promoting and protecting the RFS, working toward RVP parity for E15 and higher blends and expanding opportunities for biofuels as a high-octane fuel," Bergren said. 


There were also presentations and discussions on electric vehicles in the marketplace, an update on RIN markets and international trade in ethanol.

Read Dinneen's full State of the Industry.