Sustained Farmer Advocacy Needed to Help Protect the RFS in Washington

March 19, 2018

Sustained Farmer Advocacy Needed to Help Protect the RFS in Washington

Mar 19, 2018

Key Issues:Ethanol

Concerns continue this week that the Trump Administration could decide to strike a deal for oil refiners that would have immediate and lasting effects for ethanol demand and, therefore, for corn prices as well. However, the National Corn Growers Association remains active on members’ behalf, including running a major advertising campaign in the nation’s capital.


Thanks to everyone who has already made your voice heard in Washington in support of the RFS. NCGA continues to ask farmers to make sure your views are heard.


President Trump, your Members of Congress and USDA need to understand the economic challenges farmers are facing today and the direct role a healthy ethanol market plays for the future of family farms. The proposal from the oil industry, being considered by the President, could cut farm income almost $4 billion dollars per year for the next two years.  There are better solutions, including RVP parity to allow year-round sale of blends greater than 10 percent, which lowers RIN values to address refiners’ concerns by blending more ethanol. American farmers can’t afford a bad deal, so please ask President Trump to maintain his support for the RFS and rural America.


While each farmer weighs in personally with President Trump, USDA and Members of Congress, NCGA will also continue to communicate with key players in Washington, through an aggressive digital advertising campaign operating under the theme of “Mr. President: Don’t Cap Our Future.”


The effort, which has now been underway for more than a week, targets the White House, Congress, government Departments and Agencies and politically active individuals in and around Capitol Hill. The campaign, which kicked off with a homepage takeover of Politico’s website, has helped bring more attention to the importance of maintaining the RFS. The targeted effort also includes a sustained digital advertising effort that reaches our key DC demographic wherever they are reading online and through a companion social media effort.


Our goal is to remind decision makers that, for farmers, ethanol blending equals corn demand and ultimately economic success.  When we blend more homegrown biofuels like ethanol into gasoline, that lowers the cost of clean-burning fuel and benefits everyone.