NCGA Expands Partnership with USA Poultry and Egg Export Council

April 3, 2018

NCGA Expands Partnership with USA Poultry and Egg Export Council

Apr 3, 2018

Key Issues:Animal Agriculture

The National Corn Growers Association partnered with the USA Poultry and Egg Export Council to conduct a study on the benefits of poultry exports to corn. The study, conducted by World Perspectives, Inc., entitled “Corn and Poultry: A Great Partnership,” outlined the benefits realized by America’s corn farmers from exports of poultry and eggs.


“Continuing to partner with the poultry industry is a key priority for our organization,” said Feed, Food & Industrial Action Team Chair Bruce Peterson, a grower in Minnesota. “Poultry producers are a large customer of corn, both domestically and abroad. It’s important to grow demand through our partnerships in animal agriculture, which is why we funded the study.”


Some highlights of the study include:


Poultry feed utilization:


  • 6 lb. broiler uses 8 lb. of corn, 1 lb. of DDGS and 3 lb. SBM
  • 28 lb. turkey uses 47 lb. of corn, 4 lb. of DDGS and 18 lb. SBM
  • 1 dozen eggs from a layer represents 2 lb. of corn and 1 lb. of SBM


Poultry exports help corn and poultry farmers through additional volume and value:


  • Export growth supports flock expansion, driving additional domestic demand for U.S. corn
  • Exports provide poultry producers additional value for products that are often undervalued in the United States


Poultry exports value to corn price:


  • $.28/bushel with the 2016/2017 season average corn price of $3.36.
  • Without poultry exports, corn growers would have missed about $4.1 billion in revenue.


“The partnership between National Corn Growers Association and the U.S. Poultry & Egg Export Council is incredibly important to the long-term success of both organizations,” said USAPEEC Senior Vice President Greg Tyler. “The economic impact study, showed that growth in the demand for feed corn is strongly tied to poultry production, as the United States is the largest poultry producer in the world. The study noted that the U.S. poultry industry consumed more than 30 percent of all feed use of corn and estimated that this equated to roughly 1.663 billion bushels.  The driving force behind growth in this production is exports.  Thus, our industries working together is crucial as we seek to expand exports of our products around the world and invest in market development around the globe.”  


This week, USAPEEC held their International Marketing and Strategic Planning Conference in South Africa. After 15 years, South Africa recently reopened access for U.S. broilers.  Broiler exports to South Africa are expected to utilize about 7.25 million bushels of corn and more than 15-thousand tons of DDGS per year.


During the conference, Market Development Manager Sarah McKay provided a U.S. corn industry update and highlighted NCGA’s partnerships with USAPEEC and recent interactions with the United Egg Producers and National Chicken Council.