Stop the EPA from Messing with the RFS

April 5, 2018

Stop the EPA from Messing with the RFS

Apr 5, 2018

Key Issues:Ethanol

While the White House weighs options, the EPA continues to undermine and mess with the RFS, granting questionable RFS waivers to refiners with no transparency and failing to provide regulatory parity for higher blends of ethanol. The EPA continues to check-off the items on Big-Oil’s wish list while gutting corn and ethanol demand and undermining the President’s commitment to the RFS in the process. NCGA and state corn growers sent this letter to EPA this week.


It’s time for EPA and the White House to consider real solutions, including RVP parity that would allow year-round sales of blends greater than 10 percent. The oil industry has already gotten a gift from the EPA. Since these discussions about capping RIN prices started in January, RIN prices have fallen 50 percent. Corn farmers and their allies need to tell the President that ‘enough is enough.’


It is time for EPA to stop the backdoor reductions to the RFS and time for higher blends of ethanol to receive RVP parity. NCGA urges farmers and their friends to reach out to President Trump and their Members of Congress today and make their voices heard.


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