Meet the FY19 Corn Board Candidates: Bruce Rohwer

July 9, 2018

Meet the FY19 Corn Board Candidates: Bruce Rohwer

Jul 9, 2018

This article is part of a series profiling candidates for the 2019 Corn Board.


Bruce Rohwer has served his fellow farmers at both the state and national level, including as a member of the National Corn Growers Association Corn Board for one term. Now, he hopes to continue to do so and is running for a second term.


Rohwer is running for re-election to the Corn Board to continue playing an active role in advocating for the future of corn farmers across the country. As a Corn Board member, he would bring his personal experiences and his state’s perspective to discussions while focusing keenly upon developing policies and programs that are in the best interest of farmers at the national level. By developing this higher-level perspective, he believes that NCGA acts as a cohesive voice on the national stage and offers a strong, unified approach to meet the challenges of tomorrow.


“NCGA is unique in that it brings together corn farmers from across the country to create a cohesive, unified voice in dealing with their shared issues,” said Rohwer. “I look forward to the opportunity to serve on the Corn Board to offer my views but, more importantly, to assist the board in its efforts to guide NCGA as a positive force for our nation’s corn farmers.”


As a member of the Corn Board, Rohwer sees the importance of working to improve market opportunities given the continual increases in U.S. corn production. Only by actively working to build demand, both domestically and abroad, can corn farmers maintain the strength of the agricultural economy. With a firm grasp of the policy development process and the ability to articulate agriculture’s issues to a larger audience, Rohwer strives to be a team player who can both build consensus and move the ball forward.


Recently, NCGA’s Off the Cob podcast series sat down with Rohwer to discuss the most important topics, from what inspires such service to his goals for the organization and to gain his perspectives on leadership.


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Also- stay tuned as NCGA will also feature detailed candidate profiles this week as growers prepare for the 2018 July Corn Congress in Washington, which will be held July 18 and 19.