Meet the FY19 Corn Board Candidates: Jeff Sandborn

July 9, 2018

Meet the FY19 Corn Board Candidates: Jeff Sandborn

Jul 9, 2018

This article is part of a series profiling candidates for the 2019 Corn Board.


Jeff Sandborn has served his fellow farmers at both the state and national level, including as a member of the National Corn Growers Association Corn Board for one term. Now, he hopes to continue to do so and is running for a second term.


Sandborn would like to continue serving on the Corn Board so that he can play a role in improving the farming industry while building on the tradition of excellence the board has established in the past. He holds a particular passion for NCGA leadership because he strongly believes in the effectiveness and strength in the association’s grassroots process of decision making.


“I see one of NCGA’s greatest strengths as not in the budget but in the grassroots support that shapes its policy and direction at every level,” Sandborn has explained. “As a member of the Corn Board, I will ask the hard questions and speak up on behalf of those who may not be able to do so. Taking direction from the grassroots, I will draw focus to the long-term direction of the organization at the board level.”


If re-elected, Sandborn would take the direction formed from the policy process, along with the input from the Action Teams and Committees, utilizing the talents of our staff to make decisions that build a positive future for corn farmers. He believes strongly in the importance of long-term planning, as the board has done in the past, and in the immediacy of the need to develop a long-term plan for the ethanol industry. A passionate ethanol advocate, he also realizes NCGA must work to ensure ethanol does not overwhelm other important priorities.


Recently, NCGA’s Off the Cob podcast series sat down with Sandborn to discuss the most important topics, from what inspires such service to his goals for the organization and to gain his perspectives on leadership.


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Also- stay tuned as NCGA will also feature detailed candidate profiles this week as growers prepare for the 2018 July Corn Congress in Washington, which will be held July 18 and 19.