Volunteers Come Together to Grow, Share Passion at CommonGround Connect Conference

July 26, 2018

Volunteers Come Together to Grow, Share Passion at CommonGround Connect Conference

Jul 26, 2018

Farm women volunteers involved in the CommonGround outreach program, along with state and national staff, met in Chicago, Ill., to share their experiences with the program and welcome new members earlier this week.  Over the course of two days, the participants worked intensively to gain insight in consumer questions and hone the skills that they use to share their personal story and that of modern farming with urban and suburban moms.


To begin the meeting, participants gained insight into urban and suburban moms’ concerns through a series of focus group panels. Taking this knowledge, they then participated in an interactive consumer journey mapping exercise that helped delve more deeply into the experience of their urban and suburban counterparts and, in doing so, how they can best meet these women where they are and when they are most interested.


Also incorporating social media training, a session specifically for new volunteers and state staff-specific discussion sessions, the meeting sought to help every attendee find the most relevant information while sharing their ideas, personal experiences and passions with the larger group.


Support for their efforts was reinforced through a presentation from NCGA CEO Chris Novak and through one-on-one interactions with NCGA Corn Board Member Brandon Hunnicutt. From a staff level, Mary Hagan, vice president of communications, and Cathryn Wojcicki, senior communications manager participated.


The conference offered the volunteers and staff a chance to share experiences gained through program participation over the past year, during which the involved states hosted more than 120 events in more than 20 states.  Since it began nearly eight years ago, CommonGround has created more than 1.3 billion touchpoints through the grassroots efforts of more than 200 volunteers.


Want to join the CommonGround conversation? Stay tuned for updates and what you can to help.