New Corn Board, Nominating Committee Members Prepare to Take Office

August 23, 2018

New Corn Board, Nominating Committee Members Prepare to Take Office

Aug 23, 2018

This week, a group of the leaders who will shape the future of the National Corn Growers Association met at the St. Louis office for an orientation that allowed them to deepen their understanding of the association’s programs and procedures. These new members of the Fiscal Year 2019 Corn Board and Nominating Committee tackled a full schedule, providing the background that will enable them to hit the ground running on October 1.


“Every year, a new crop of farmer leaders steps forward, dedicating their time, talents and efforts, to help create a better future for all of America’s corn farmers through service on NCGA’s Corn Board, Action Teams and Committees,” said NCGA President Kevin Skunes, who led the orientation. “The energy and enthusiasm the future board and nominating committee members brought to this week’s meetings inspires great faith in the impact that they will have in shaping the industry going forward.”


In addition to exploring the practical elements of board and committee membership, such as roles, responsibilities, bylaws and operating procedures, the group received updates on the activities of each department and an in-depth financial overview of the association. While the orientation of new Corn Board members has long taken place prior to the start of each new fiscal year, the incoming Nominating Committee members were added to the program in 2015 to help them play an active, important role in recruiting and preparing those hoping to run for the Corn Board.


The Corn Board represents the organization on all matters while directing both policy and supervising day-to-day operations.  Board members serve the organization in a variety of ways.  They represent the federation of state organizations, supervise the affairs and activities of NCGA in partnership with the chief executive officer and implement NCGA policy established by the Corn Congress. Members also act as spokespeople for the NCGA and enhance the organization’s public standing on all organizational and policy issues.


New Corn Board members who will take office on October 1, 2018 in attendance included: Deb Gangwish of Nebraska, Dennis Maple of Indiana and Harold Wolle of Minnesota. Newly re-elected member Bruce Rohwer of Iowa also participated. Jeff Sandborn was also re-elected to Corn Board service.


The Nominating Committee plays an integral role in developing tomorrow’s leadership by reviewing Corn Board applications and shaping the election process. Nominating Committee members for FY19 in attendance included: Jed Bower of Ohio, Dan Nerud of Nebraska and Doug Noem of South Dakota. Paul Jeschke of Illinois will also serve on this committee.