HungerU Ambassadors Prepare to Share Story of Modern Ag on College Campuses

September 13, 2018

HungerU Ambassadors Prepare to Share Story of Modern Ag on College Campuses

Sep 13, 2018

The National Corn Growers Association kicked off its second year of a partnership with Farm Journal Foundation’s HungerU program during a training session for this year’s Ambassadors. The team, which is comprised of five young adults, will bring their unique perspectives and talents to the joint efforts this year with the support of the organization’s exceptional full-time staff.


During the training, Ambassadors explored NCGA’s mission and activities to foster consumer engagement in agricultural issues and support farmers’ freedom to operate. Delving into topics such as the importance of biotechnologies, crop inputs and innovative breeding techniques, the team expressed great interest in how modern farming practices and tools play a critical role in growing the crops that will feed and fuel a growing population.


HungerU, a program platform of the Farm Journal Foundation, is an educational and advocacy platform designed to engage universities’ student populations. A central purpose of HungerU is communication outside of the “bubble” of agriculture with future influencers—voters, consumers and community leaders—to connect people with the central and necessary role of modern agriculture in creating affordable, wholesome food for all.


The HungerU tour is a blend of Ivy League, small Liberal Arts, large State-Affiliated universities and Land Grant universities. Each stop on the tour is carefully crafted to utilize unique opportunities based on timing and geography.


Every stop leverages a detailed community plan to ensure that HungerU’s value is being communicated through social media and local news outlets.


This year’s class of Ambassadors includes: Handley Bonnet, Jocelyn Rodriguez, Eve Taft, Kristen Cannova and Dylan Zielonko. Bringing varied educational backgrounds and life experiences, the team combines an expertise in areas such as sustainability, communications and even culinary arts with life experiences ranging from urban to rural to military.


Farm Journal Foundation CEO Tricia Bentley Beal, Senior Policy and Advocacy Advisor Stephanie Mercier and Communications Manager Lina Walz-Salvador, a former Ambassador, led the full training. NCGA Senior Communications Manager Cathryn Wojcicki shared NCGA’s story, policies, goals and acted as a resource for information on the topics of relevance to the partnership.


To learn more and follow this year’s tour in real-time on social media, click here.