NCGA Action Teams and Committees Announced for FY 2019

September 28, 2018

NCGA Action Teams and Committees Announced for FY 2019

Sep 28, 2018

The National Corn Growers Association announced the slate of new and returning farmer leaders who will serve as members of the organization’s action teams and committees for the next fiscal year, which begins Monday, October 1. As representatives of their 300,000 fellow American family corn farmers, these volunteers will guide NCGA programs to meet the organization’s short-term strategic goals in order to ultimately fulfill NCGA’s noble vision for U.S. corn: to sustainably feed and fuel a growing world.


“While the year ahead will offer many challenges and opportunities, I am certain that the teams and committees of family corn farmers we have assembled will be both capable and wise in their leadership,” said NCGA FY 2019 President Lynn Chrisp, a corn farmer from Nebraska. “The men and women who volunteer to lead will provide excellent insight that will guide us into a bright future for corn farmers and all of humankind. NCGA received applications from over 150 highly-qualified candidates, with a wide spectrum of talents and life experiences, and we strongly urge all aspiring farmer leaders to continue serving their local and state organizations and seek to build additional leadership skills to better serve their fellow corn farmers nationwide in the future, as NCGA action team and committee members.”


Leadership for NCGA’s nine major teams in FY 2019 are:


·       Consumer Engagement Action Team: Ted Mottaz, chair; Debbie Borg, vice chair; Bruce Rohwer, board liaison.

·       Corn Productivity & Quality Action Team: Charles Ring, chair; Randy DeSutter, vice chair; Jeff Sandborn, board liaison.

·       Engaging Members Committee: Brandon Hunnicutt, chair; and Denny Maple, vice chair

·       Ethanol Action Team: Jay Schutte, chair; Mark Recker, vice chair; Tom Haag, board liaison.

·       Feed, Food & Industrial Action Team: Dan Wesely, chair; Chad Willis, vice chair; Chris Edgington, board liaison.

·       Freedom to Operate Action Team: Bob Hemesath, chair; Brent Hostetler, vice chair; Deb Gangwish, board liaison.

·       Market Access Action Team: Mike Lefever, chair; Larry Mussack, vice chair; John Linder, board liaison.

·       Risk Management Action Team: Randy Melvin, chair; Doug Noem, vice chair; Don Glenn, board liaison.

·       Stewardship Action Team: Roger Zylstra, chair; Carl Sousek, vice chair; Ken Hartman, board liaison.


Leadership for NCGA’s standing committees in FY 2019 are:


·       Corn PAC: President to be determined at first meeting; Harold Wolle, board liaison.

·       Finance Committee: John Linder, chair.

·       Governance Committee: Tom Haag, chair.


Lynn Chrisp will serve as president and also as NCGA’s delegate to the U.S. Grains Council. Kevin Ross of Iowa will serve as first vice president and, in this capacity, will chair the Resolutions Committee. Kevin Skunes of North Dakota will serve as chair and, in this capacity, will also chair the Nominating Committee.  


On October 1, FY 2018 chairman Wesley Spurlock of Texas will retire from the Corn Board but will continue his service to his fellow corn farmers as the co-chair of the Commodity Classic Joint Venture Committee for 2019. Keith Alverson of South Dakota and Anthony Bush of Ohio will also retire from the board at that time.


Click here for a full list of teams and members. The FY 2019 action teams and committees will have their first set of meetings in St. Louis in mid-December.