NCGA at SAFE Vehicles Rule Public Hearing

September 26, 2018

NCGA at SAFE Vehicles Rule Public Hearing

Sep 26, 2018

Michigan farmer and NCGA Ethanol Action team member Russell Braun testified on behalf of NCGA at a public hearing in Dearborn, Mich., September 25 to review the proposed SAFE Vehicles Rule. This proposed regulation would set standards for vehicle fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions. Important for farmers, regulators also requested comments on the benefits and role of high-octane fuels when it comes to meeting vehicle standards.


Corn farmers have a vested interest in the future of transportation fuels, and NCGA wants to ensure automakers have the tools and technology to meet future emissions and efficiency standards, both cost-effectively and safely for drivers.  One of these tools is high-octane fuel, such as a mid-level ethanol blend.


Braun’s testimony urged regulators to consider fuels and vehicles as a system of high-octane fuel used with optimized engines.  While ethanol may not be the only source of fuel octane, it is the lowest cost - and lowest carbon - octane source currently available to consumers.


Braun also encouraged EPA to use the agency’s authority to support the production and use of higher-octane fuels by addressing regulatory barriers, the need for a minimum fuel octane standard, RVP parity and correcting fuel efficiency calculations.


“NCGA supports one national standard for vehicles. High-octane, low-carbon fuel can help harmonize federal and state standards and is a needed compromise solution on future standards,” Braun concluded his testimony.